A reading from DeAnna is like going into a fairytale meadow. Her messages are sweet, direct, and full of wonder. Her connection is powerful and the answers she delivers have an accuracy that most readers strive for. I highly recommend a reading by DeAnna.
— Robyn
I have had two angel card readings from DeAnna, both times she made me feel extremely welcome and comfortable. Her bubbly, outgoing personality really shines through her and comes to life through her readings. I felt her messages were very accurate and personal, which made me feel like she was truly in contact with my team of angels. I am happy to recommend her to anyone seeking more guidance and reassurance from their spiritual team as she works with many different energies.
— Cara
DeAnna has one of the sweetest and purist souls I’ve ever met. She is the embodiment of light and love and I enjoy every moment I get to be around her. DeAnna has opened my eyes to so many mystical elements and I love the journeys her Guided Meditations take me on. I would recommend DeAnna for anyone seeking spiritual advice, enlightenment, or a reason to smile.
— Shanna
I had two sessions with DeAnna. In the first, she was able to relay the confirmation I needed regarding my life’s situation. The second appointment helped open me up to the elementals more. During the session I was also introduced to a very powerful fire dragon. It was not until recently that I realized how important this is for my life. I was delighted to share my joy with her when I realized the synchronicity involved in reconnecting with my dragon She is very well connected with Thoth, and Archangels too. Through her work I was able to experience what Archangel Michael showed me, as well as received some of his tools to help me in my life. DeAnna is a lovely, sweet, joyful soul to work with.
— Jill
Having a reading done by DeAnna was awesome. She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I will have another reading done by her. Love her:).
— Kim
DeAnna is more than just an angel card reader, yes she connects with the energies of the angels but also with those of the Ascended Masters, fairies, unicorns, deceased loved ones, etc. Most importantly, she connects with your guides to deliver the love messages that they have for you to help you through your life challenges and to help you see how wonderful and unique of a being you are. I have had multiple readings done by DeAnna and every time it helped me understand things about myself, situations and reoccurring life patterns which brought me to another place in my life, a much better one! Being around her energy gives you wings and a huge smile! Merci beaucoup pour tout!
— Julie