Angel Reading

During an angel reading, DeAnna uses her thoughts, feelings, visions and knowing with oracle cards to receive messages from the client’s guardian angels and archangels. The reading may also include healing techniques like: chakra clearing, energetic chord-cutting, energy ball releasing, past-life healing, flower healing and crystal healing.

30 minutes for $50                                      

60 minutes for $100


Mediumship Reading

Similar to an angel reading with the same healing techniques used, a mediumship reading is done with the angels’ help, where DeAnna receives messages from loved ones on the other side.

30 minutes for $50                                      

60 minutes for $100


Mystical Reading

Similar to an angel reading with the help of other love and light energies like: fairies, unicorns, goddesses, ascended masters, dragons and mermaids. *Can be used in combination with angel reading. 

30 minutes for $50                                      

60 minutes for $100


Angel Parties

Interested in trying out some readings with some friends or family? DeAnna can facilitate parties for a minimum of two and up to seven people. Pick a host home in Calgary and DeAnna will bring some books, crystals and do private readings of your choice for each person.

Two to Four Readings:

30 minutes for $45 per person

45 minutes for $65 per person

60 minutes for $85 per person

Five to Seven Readings:

15 minutes for $25 per person

30 minutes for $45 per person

*Of course, DeAnna is flexible with whoever wants however long. Optionally, for an extra $10 a person, DeAnna can do a guided meditation at the party. 


Guided Meditations

DeAnna can channel guided meditations from the divine around manifesting relationships, releasing the old and meeting your guides and divine helpers. *Can be combined with angel parties. 

30 minutes for $10 per person 


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